No visit to Canada is complete without Cruising or Sailing - Boats.
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Canada's landscape is varied and spectacular. From Bona Vista to Prince Edward Island to the Canadian Shield to north of Superior to the Prairies to the Rockies and the rain forests of British Columbia to Vancouver Island and straight up to the arctic, it's just stunning.

Atlantic Provinces (2)Central (4)
Northern (6)Western (11)

British Columbia (10)Newfoundland and Labrador (1)
Ontario (4)Prince Edward Island (1)
Yukon (1) 
Sailing (5)Catamarans (1)
Speed (3)Yachting (1)
Personal water craft (4)House Boats (1)
Wind Surfing (2)Water Skiing (1)
Bareboats (1)Luxury (3)
Paddleboats (1)Riverboats (6)
Surfboarding (1)Crewed Charter (1)
Zodiac Tours (1) 

Canada is a massive country, it is larger than the United States with 10 times less the population. It is the second largest in the world –after Russia.

Canada is located in Northern North America bordering the North Atlantic Ocean on the east, North Pacific Ocean on the west, the Arctic Ocean on the north, and is north of the United States.

Canada has everything to offer – from prairie life with endless horizons to the steep snow capped Rocky Mountains in the west and to the lush green landscape overlooking the Atlantic Ocean of the Maritimes.

Whale watching on Vancouver’s coast or journeying into the rainforests at the foot of the Rockies are popular activities for visitors of the west coast. World class skiing and snowboarding abounds throughout the Rockies.

Travel though Canada’s prairies - watch the horizon stretch out for days. Travel to Central Canada and go white water rafting on the Ottawa River. Head up the Cabot trail and sink your heels into the shores of Nova Scotia. Wet your lips on some succulent Lobster dishes and go kayaking along the shores. Travel up to Newfoundland and do some exploration of untamed lands. Or just head north to Canada’s territories and experience life as the Inuit’s have done for thousands of years. Try some fishing in the pristine northern waters or just try some dog sledding in the winter months. At night keep your eyes to the skies to take part in the glorious splendour of the northern lights

The climate of Canada varies just as much as it’s landscape - from temperate in the south to subarctic and arctic in the north.

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